Back News Archive - October 2003

October 14, 2003
I have been updating the web site this whole last month but I haven't been updating this front page. The Family Letters are all up to date and almost all of the pages have the new menu. With most of the site upgrades done maybe I'll add some more content to my Hobbies page.

September 16, 2003
Wow! I've made some major changes to the layout of the site. I'm not quite finished yet so some of the pages will not have the side menu. I hope to finish the rest of it soon so it doesn't look so sloppy. Let me know what you think of the new layout if you get a chance.

August 7, 2003
Another addition to the letters in the Family News. I think I'm all caught up, so now I just have to keep up with the new ones coming in.

August 6, 2003
More letters in the Family News.

August 5, 2003
Updated the Family News page with more letters.

July 9, 2003
We had a going away party for some friends and I've posted the pictures in the Photo Albums page.

June 20, 2003
Hello all. It looks like I'm going to be a little more active in updating the web site again. I plan on getting some quick updates done soon and working on a site overhaul in the near future.

Added a couple of squirrel pictures to the Photo Albums page.

Added the family pictures we took at Easter to the Photo Albums page.

Added the Mike Murphy Cattle Drive pictures to the Photo Albums page.