October 28, 2002

Check out what happened to the Trailblazer in the update to the Photo Albums page.


October 21, 2002

Yet another update to the Hobbies page. Also did some minor fixes to my Favorites pages.


October 20, 2002

More updates to the Family News section.


October 15, 2002

Password protection seems to be working again. Let me know if something doesnt work right or if you need the password to get into the protected pages.


Weve added Terrys letters into the Family News section.


October 9, 2002

Were still having problems with the password protected pages so I unlocked the Family News section for now. Ive added a couple more letters and you can go in and see them now. When the passwords are fixed Ill re-protect the pages.


October 7, 2002

IMPORTANT We are currently having problems with our password protected pages. Hopefully we will get them back up soon.


I updated the Hobbies page with the latest game session.