July 15, 2002

Added some birthday pictures to the Photos page.Added a wild bulldog to this home page.


July 14, 2002

Did some minor cleanup to the Family News pages and added some more on my Hobbies page.


July 13, 2002

Expanded a little on my Hobbies pages including the first recap of one of our games.


July 11, 2002

Made some minor changes to the Family News items.Added a base Hobbies page that Iíll expand later.


July 10, 2002

Added an Old News Archive link at the bottom of the page to keep the length of this page to a minimum.Moved the May news items to the archive.


If you have previously bookmarked by Favorites page, please change your bookmark to the new page.The new page is http://wildbulldog.com/fav/.I plan on removing the old pages unless someone really wants me to keep them up.Email me at admin@wildbulldog.com to let me know.


Changed the left menu and added in a simple counter.Updated the Washington photos for easier navigation.Updated the Favorites pages also.